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You may have read, or may have heard from your friends, that we take in comments and reviews from students. This is true, we are happy to hear from our student viewers, and we are even willing to publish your thoughts and reviews on our website.

If you have had a particularly good or bad experience with an essay writing service, you should get in touch with us. We will take in your comments and incorporate them into our next website update. If you would like to write a full review, then we will happy publish that too.

We do not pay for reviews or comments. We have a strict no-money policy, which means we do not receive money for reviews and we do not pay money for reviews. We feel that it taints the quality of our work and we feel we would no longer qualify as independent if money were an issue.

If you would like to contribute, we will check over your review and send you feedback. You may even use our feedback to improve your writing skills. You may also like the idea of having your review published, especially if the essay writing company you used messed you around or impressed you. It allows you to give something back to the student community in the same way that we have.

If you send us a full review, then please try to stick to the format that we have put in place on our website. We like to provide a consistent viewer experience, which means if your review deviates too far from ours, then we will have to edit it more heavily. We are always happy to hear from our viewers, and we try to update our website very regularly, so if you do contribute, it will not be long before your words and your reviews are on our site.

The email for submitting reviews is ukessayservicesreviews@gmail.com. Please, mention “guest review” in email subject line.