Urgentessayhelp.co.uk review

It’s hard to make the right decision and choose an appropriate writing service, with so many choices out there, and services like UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk who claim to have everything you need just make it a little bit harder. However, after detailed research we found out that this isn’t exactly the writing service a student should order from, and here are several reasons why.


First of all, the service list isn’t as extensive we’d like it to be. Although they claim to be UK’s most reliable writing service, they don’t seem to be so reliable when you can’t find a list of service they offer. Their service menu has three options: buy essay, essay editing and write my essay. This is not exactly what you’re expecting to see when you open up a service tab, but that’s what they offer. You can’t find a complete list of services, the only option you have is to contact the UrgentEssayHelp customer support and hope that you get a quick answer. This is a huge disappointment on their part, and definitely not something that instills trust in future customers.


With prices, it’s always important to get the best quality at lowest prices, and although the lowest starting point with this service is 6 pounds, it’s for a paper that is of standard quality, and that isn’t exactly what gets students the highest grades. The prices go up as the standard of writing goes up, so you get to choose between standard, premium and platinum. The higher the quality the bigger the price, going as high as 18 pounds per page. It also depends on the deadline, the closer the deadline the higher the price. You have to pay for your order in advance, before even knowing what you’re getting.


As far as discounts are concerned, UrgentEssayHelp has none. There are no special offers for those who plan to order for the first time, and there are no special offers or discount codes that you can use even if you’re a regular customer. Ordering papers on the regular can be quite an expensive task, and with no discounts, it’s almost impossible to ask for professional help. This is a huge disadvantage for all students, no matter what kind of a budget you have, especially when there are companies out there who offer benefits of this kind all of the time. It’s a fact that you will find a better deal somewhere else.

Overall, there are plenty of writing services out there that can provide truly professional assistance, at a very affordable price. Unfortunately, Urgent Essay Help isn’t exactly the service to turn to, since they are far from being a professional writing service.

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