Those who search very low prices would be amazed by the rates at the price list of, but you should let this be the only reason why you choose the company. If you research a bit, you will find that the reason why papers are so cheap here is the low paper quality and the fact that this company hires non-native speakers to write papers. We discovered all this when we checked their reputation online and continued with the goal of confirming or rejecting that theory by doing our own research. Read on.


Quality is the biggest issue we found. When we chose from what looks like a solid list of paper types offered, we got instant order confirmation. However, despite the easy ordering process and nice customer service we got while waiting, our paper was of very low quality.

We didn’t expect much because of the feedback and the low prices, but this was worse than our expectations. Perhaps the reason for it was that we chose the 2:1 standard quality and not the First Class quality option, but what does this say for the lowest offered quality (2:2 standard)?

The issues with the paper were numerous. We placed an order for a term paper and chose one of the four deadline options – 5-day delivery. Our paper arrived four hours AFTER the deadline which could also be a problem for students who order their papers by the exact delivery date and time. Moreover, we found over twenty mistakes in it, as well as some barely comprehensive sentences, all of which took us a couple hours to revise.

When we were done with our own revision (the customer service offered a free one, but within three work days), the paper was still not of the planned and paid quality.


It served us well to have received such low paper quality – for a price of only £ 14.99 and a discount of 20% added to it, we couldn’t even expect anything more than this! So, if you were thinking that you finally bumped into a really cheap service, you should reconsider your needs and priorities before ordering. doesn’t really work with UK writers and while you can enjoy their great prices, you cannot expect high paper quality or an assignment that won’t require further work from them.

Another issue we found was the lack of deadline options. Prices are really cheap, but the deadline options are very strange. There are three options: 24 hours, 48 hours, 3-5 days, and 6+ days. Everything longer than 6 days comes at the same rate, even if you order months ahead! And it doesn’t really matter what kind of paper you need – everything comes under this short price list, plus you get the discounts added to them.


Because of the prices that are unbelievably low, we expected to find no discount at all. Imagine our surprise when the homepage showed a huge sign up field where customers get 20% off the first order! This made the already low price a ridiculously low one, making it obvious that you can’t really expect much in terms of quality.

As for other special offers, there aren’t any. We didn’t ask the customer service for a loyalty program because we don’t think the paper quality was good enough to convince us to order again. If you do decide that the paper quality is enough for you and a fit for the price, you should be prepared to pay the original rates after your first order.

However, note that the customer service isn’t really available at all times on the live chat. Yes, you can reach them by the phone number on the website, but the live chat is, in fact, a bot with automatic answers and messages. Reaching the service would be best achieved if you use the phone.

Based on all these findings, we believe that is not a company you turn to when you need high paper quality.

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