If you’ve ever searched online for a writing company, there is a high chance you’ve stumbled upon This is a very famous writing service company, and although they are very popular, we are going to analyze their writing service in-depth and see whether this is truly the kind of service every student should ask for help from. There are plenty of disadvantages without going too deep into it, that indicate this might not be as student-friendly as you might think.


The website of is interesting and decent, but it’s cluttered and it’s hard to find all the relevant information you need, without getting lost in all the different fonts and images. Seems a bit unprofessional for a service catering to academic students. You will find their service in the menu tab, and their services include: assignment help, dissertation writing, thesis writing, coursework writing, reports, reviews and reports. However, they don’t seem to be experienced in a lot of fields, which is a disadvantage right from the start. They lack variety, and the writing team doesn’t seem to be as reliable as they should be, given the fact that they can’t tackle every task you give them.


Besides finding information that they offer a money back guarantee, there’s absolutely no way to find out what the prices are. A reputable writing company should be transparent when it comes to pricing, and most of the decent writing services at least have a price calculator. We couldn’t find a price calculator or a price sheet. Reaching out to their customer support, we weren’t able to get any information about the price either. We wouldn’t recommend ordering from a service before you get all the information you need, especially such crucial information such as pricing.


Just as with pricing, there’s no information about discounts or special offers. In fact, besides the standard explanations how to order, and what the process looks like, there’s no sign of special offers or discounts. As a student, you’re always looking to either save money or find ways that you can save in the long term. This writing service, however, doesn’t seem to think this is important, which is one of the greatest reasons we aren’t too thrilled with this writing company.

As students who want to succeed academically, I don’t recommend you order from this website, as they lack integrity and honesty that most reputable writing services have.

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