The RushEssay essay service is a well-known company because they are very good at advertising. They promote themselves by using their student customers. The students that use their essay services are often very desperate because they have missed their deadline or it is fast approaching. When this essay writing service completes their essays on time, it makes the students very grateful, and quite often they go on social media and boast about the company. This is one of the few essay writing services that you have probably heard your friends talking about. Just be careful when you promote them, especially if your professors are friends with you on Facebook and Google+ because they may see you boasting about the RushEssay service.


As their name suggests, this is not the company you come to if you want to score the highest in the class. This is the company you come to if you want your essay done very quickly. Their writers have years of experience when it comes to writing essays with a very short deadline. The quality of their short-term essays is better than any other we have seen. Their prices are a little higher, but that is a result of hiring a writer that is specially trained and experienced when it comes to short deadlines. If you want more than a pass, and yet your deadline is very near, then this is the essay writing company for you.

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They have a pricing tool that you can use in real time and with no obligation to buy. You also do not have to give any details or sign up first. Their prices range from £16.24 to £39.89 per page. It all depends on the delivering and quality standards. For example, if you order a piece with platinum quality, you will receive work that scores very highly and is likely to get top marks when you hand it in, but it will cost you significantly more than if you order at the standard level, which is the quality band that only guarantees and pass and nothing more.

Discounts and special offers

If your order is over $30, you can get a 15% discount on your first order with the code, “rush15.” Do not worry about writing the code down, as it is easily accessible via the adverts on their homepage. Click the link on the left that says, “Discount program” and they will fully explain how their discounts work. The premise is simple. You buy 15+ pages for a 5% discount, buy 51+ pages for a 10% discount and buy 101+ pages for a 15% discount. When you use their pricing tool, you will see the discounts automatically apply to your order.