OxbridgeEssays.com review

Not many companies can brag with having 2500 writers on board, but Oxbridge Essays certainly does. Not only that – they say that each of these thousands of writers are the ‘UK’s best academics’, which is an extremely hard goal to achieve for a writing service. If this were true, Oxbridgeessays.com would have the best reputation that exists on the market. Unfortunately, this is very far from the reality – this company seems to be very unpopular among their customers!


All the feedback we read in regard to the papers delivered by the writers employed here share similarities: insufficient paper quality, writers who don’t follow requirements, very high prices, etc. These are terrible accusations that, if true, mean that the company isn’t really the best place to get your papers.

As we do with all companies, we immediately got to work and ordered a paper from OxbridgeEssays.com. We ordered an essay out of the solid list of writing services, which seemed legit because of the number of writers said to work there. It indeed showed to be correct – we got our paper right in time and the writer was obviously a native UK writer.

But, the quality part didn’t really fit the promises. We wouldn’t say that the paper was bad, but we did find some minor plagiarism parts in it. For that outrageous price they charged us for the essay, this should have never happened.


Prices here are not even close to what you would expect if someone told you the company is expensive. And the system is ridiculous – it doesn’t matter how far your deadline is – the price is exactly the same for a deadline of a day and a month, and even for different academic levels! The only difference made is when you choose a desired grade, number of words and paper type.

To give you some idea as to how high these prices are, we got some examples for you. An undergraduate level student can get an essay of 2:2 quality (50-59%) for incredible £120 for 250 words, no matter what deadline they choose! This is the same price an A-level student would pay.

That’s not all. All kinds of deadlines are accepted, except if you need your paper delivered during weekends. So, if you have a paper due on Monday, you need to order it by Friday because the company does not work weekends. This also means that you won’t be able to reach their support service whenever you want. To be precise, you can only reach them from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday!


Unfortunately, our disappointments did not end when we learned that the company is very pricey and has no customer support service you can reach at all times. We did expect to get impeccable paper quality and a non-stop service for such a high rate, but it turned out to be the exact opposite! To make things even worse, there were no discounts we could use to reduce those outrageous prices, so we end up spending more than any student can afford on an essay that wasn’t worth a very high grade (we didn’t choose the highest quality option because it came at a rate of £380 for 9-day deadline and undergraduate level!

No special offers, no discounts, hard-to-afford rates and unavailable customer service – this is what you can expect if you choose oxbridgeessays.com. Even though their services list is more than satisfactory and the paper quality is better than average, it is obvious why this company is so unpopular – it is the most expensive service we have ever seen and reviewed.

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