How To Choose

As you probably understand, there are plenty of factors to consider when finding the right essay writing service for you. It is not a case of simply picking a company at random and hoping for the best. Our essay writing company reviews are here to help you find good writing companies, but we cannot tell you which one is the best for you. That is for you to decide. Here are a few factors you may like to consider.

Do they offer plagiarism free content?

This is a very big concern, especially for students. If your essay has plagiarism in it, then your professor will reject it. Your professor may even guess that you used an essay writing service. The hard part if figuring out if it is plagiarized. There are only plagiarism checkers, but that only tells you if the essay has been published online before, it doesn’t tell you if your college or university has received that essay before from a different student.

What is the written quality like?

Some of the worst essay writing services are going to rewrite the content of other essays and pass it off as fresh. Truly awful writing companies will rewrite textbook content to the point where your professor will be very displeased with the essay. Ideally, you need a writing service that hires writers with at least a degree.

Do their writers have English as their first language?

You may also hear this being said as “English native” but that is silly because English is a language, and people in Anglo Saxon countries are just as good at speaking it. Even in the UK, there is England, Scotland and Wales, and they all have English as their first language. If your writer does not have English as his or her first language, then your professor may recognize the odd sentence syntax and assume you didn’t write the essay.

Is the writing service confidential?

The last thing you want is a writing service that publicizes your use of the company. If you are going to hand in the work as your own, then you need to order in secret and keep your transaction private. Most of the best essay writing services will offer complete confidentiality. This means they are unable to tell a third party that you used their service.

Do they have hidden charges?

There are some writing companies that have hidden charges that they pass on to desperate students. A common one is a release fee that they ask in order to receive your essay in written text other than on an image file (where you cannot copy and paste the text). There are others that have a privacy charge that they impose after the deadline. Another sneaky hidden charge is amendment fees. If a company charges for amendments, then where is the incentive for the writer to do a good job? It gives the writer an incentive to do a bad job so that you have to send it back and pay for amendments.