This essay writing service only hires writers that have English as their first language, and they have a dedicated customer service department. Of all the UK essay-writing services, they probably have the best and most untainted online reputation. As with many of our essay writing services reviews, we have found that this company does not use any form of re-writing, spinning or plagiarism. Of all our essay services review companies, we find that this one probably has the best value for money if you pick their lower-band quality levels when making your order.


We struggled to categorize this company in terms of a unique selling point. They easily create passable essays with both a short and long deadline, and their higher-standard essays are also rather good. They are what you may call an all-round essay writing company in that they are good at most things but do not excel in anything. They do have a large writing staff, so if you have been turned down by another company because all their writers are busy, then this may be the company you should approach. They also seem very competent when it comes to liberal arts projects and essays.

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Prices start at £15.56 per page and climb as high as £34.67 per page. There are three levels of quality, which are standard, premium and platinum. If you order an essay, you get a choice of deadlines that range from three hours to ten days. If you order something such as a dissertation, then your options are two days to two months. Picking a shorter deadline will push up the cost per page of your project. You can see all the prices they have to offer with their pricing tool. It shows a table full of different prices that you may select and have auto-entered into your order form.

Discounts and special offers

Click the offer buttons on the website homepage and you will get 15% off your first order. Earn a 5% discount if you order a combined total of 15 or more pages. Earn a 10% discount if you order a combined total of 51 or more pages. Earn a 15% discount if you order a combined total of 101 or more pages. If you keep your account open after your first order, then the discount accumulates itself. As you make orders, the number of pages you have ordered increases, and once it passes the discount threshold, you start receiving the assigned discount on all your orders.