Unbeatable academic assistance services sound great, but is really that great of a service? If you decide based on their website, it seems as if this is not the professional writing service you want, since their website is full of spelling and grammar errors that you definitely don’t want to see in your paper. With this review, you’ll be sure whether this is the right kind of a writing company for you.


The service menu on their website gives you two options: buy an assignment and assignment service. They also display in which fields they offer services, such as law, nursing and marketing. There’s not much detail about which services exactly they provide, so you have to talk to their customer support, which isn’t really fast. Instantly, you’re wasting a lot of time trying to find out whether they can actually write your type of an assignment or not. For a professional writing service, they do a lousy job of being transparent and open with their customers.


You can get a free quote, if you are able to call them, and their price plan doesn’t exactly state their starting price. There’s no price chart or even a price calculator that you can use to find out how much your paper would cost you. This is right off the bat a great disadvantage, and something that no student loves to hear. Without prices, you don’t know whether you should order a paper or not, and given that every student is on a budget as well as on a time crunch, this isn’t something you are going to like.


We were able to find some discounts, such as 15% off your first order. This sounds great if you’re ordering for the first time, but if you’re a loyal customer you’re not going to have the advantage of this discount. Other than this code for new customers, we couldn’t find anything that would financially benefit long-time customers. We saw no way to save in the long run, and if you have an option to find a service that offers such discounts, we definitely recommend you go elsewhere.

The verdict definitely doesn’t go in favor of, and we would highly recommend that all students who do care about their grades, keep searching for other writing services who are going to give you what you need.

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