Finding a worthy writing service that you can actually trust to write your academic assignments, can be quite a task. A task equally difficult as writing the assignment on your own. is yet another writing company that claims to guarantee high-quality when it comes to writing, and the highest grades in every subject. Keep on reading to find out the most important information about and whether they are a good writing service.


The usual services menu you would see in writing companies isn’t exactly what you find here. In fact, they don’t exactly have a standard services menu, as they have listed only three services that they offer: buy an assignment, do an assignment and assignment editing & proofreading services uk. There’s not much more information regarding what exactly they can do for you, except for the fact that they want you to know that they are professionals and that they will do a great job. That doesn’t actually cut it, and they should have listed all the services you can count on, instead of having to waste time talking to customer support to find out whether you actually can use their help.


Their motto is ‘Premium Quality at Flexible Prices’ and although it is true that their pricing isn’t expensive, you’re ultimately going to have to make a decision whether you want to pay the lowest price and settle for lower quality paper or pay higher and get a writer with a higher-degree. It’s unfair to have to choose between bad and good writers, depending on your budget, but that’s how it works at The lowest price 11.50 pounds, for a normal deadline at the lowest quality possible, which isn’t exactly an advantage if you don’t get the best writers at your disposal.

DISCOUNTS & SPECIAL OFFERS cater to all customers, new and loyal, with discounts. Currently they have a discount for 15% off if you find the link and click on it, but they also have regular sales, that also offer 15% off. Otherwise, as far as memberships are concerned, they don’t have a discount program that caters to you in the long-term, so you just rely on the seasonal discounts, which you have to keep an eye out for, because it’s not exactly displayed on their homepage.

Overall, AassignmentBox isn’t the best writing service you can find out there, and although they are not completely disappointing, what they offer simply isn’t enough for a student in today’s day and age.

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