About Us

The first questions you may ask are who are we and why are we reviewing essay writing services? We are a small team of academics that used to use essay-writing services when we were in university. After being messed around about a few of them, we decided to start a website that reviews them. After leaving university, we decided to keep the website going and update it as often as we can.

We make a few orders every month and create a new review. Our website is constantly being updated because some writing companies go out of business and some stop being as good as they were. We are happy to report that we only post reviews about the best companies. We do not post reviews about the essay writing companies that have screwed us over, produced poor quality content, or simply ripped us off. We are not here to promote or mention the charlatans and criminals in the writing industry. We are simply here to highlight the companies that do a good job and help students.

How do we make our money?

We do not take sponsorships from essay writing companies. We feel that this blurs the line between an honest review and a paid review. Most of the money we make is through re-selling the essays we have ordered from the companies we have reviewed. In order to review a writing company correctly, we must make a series of orders. Once we have the essays, we sell them on to students. They trust us and will happily buy essays from us because they know we have checked them and that they are good. Other than the profit we make from reselling, we have no other incentive to keep the website going and keep it independent other than the fact that we want to help students.

We do not want essay writing services to mess students around the way they did when we were in university. If we can stop it happening and maybe put a few of the worst essay writing companies out of business, then that is all the incentive we need to keep this website going.

Our job has become a lot easier as we have gotten older, as we have picked up on a few of the tricks that poor quality writing companies use, so we are able to avoid them more efficiently. We are also better at judging which essays will score highly and which will not, which has made us better at reviewing the quality of the work that writing companies produce.